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Client Accounting for property management

The one to trust. The UK's leading client accounting solution.

Simplify the financial side of your business and keep on top of many moving parts. Be confident that everything's tracked, compliant, accurate and up-to-date.

Compliant Software

For Managing Agents & Agencies

Use leading-edge client accounting and modern cloud property management software designed by commercial property management experts.


Best Practice Processes

For a property management company, holding money for both property owners and tenants is a critical function of the business. Re-Leased is compliant software that conforms to the strict rules of client accounting.


Leave a Digital Paper Trail

Manage unlimited client accounts accurately. Every pound that enters your trust account will be both reported and tracked. Leaving a digital paper trail will save you time and hassle both now and in the future.

One-Click Reconciliation

Your bank account transactions need to match your client accounting software transactions. With automatic transaction matching and reconciliation, you stay on top of everything and have confidence nothing has been missed.

Automate & Simplify Client Accounting

Managing commercial property is complex. Make your life easier

See your spending levels live

Run and review budget vs actuals reports throughout the year to make sure you're on track with your spending. 

Automatically raise fees based on transaction amounts, events or manually. 

Flexible invoicing

Automatically raise and email invoices on a schedule. Easily on-charge expenses to tenants or create budgets for service charges. Store documents with simple drag & drop functionality.

Budget reconciliation
Our budget reconciliation wizard guides you through the process to review expenses, income and client contributions and then generate balancing charges and statements. 

All the details across your units
If tenants have moved in or out of your units during the year, or if there have been vacant periods, you'll get an overview of the service charge details for your units.
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Why choose Re-Leased?

Work anywhere, anytime and on any device. Re-Leased is built with innovative cloud-based technology to increase productivity and business impact.

Impress your clients

Choose from a range of owner statement formats and customise them with your branding. Provide clients access to their own portal and mobile app for on-demand information.

Online tenant payments
Tenants can pay online directly from an emailed invoice using our Re-Leased Pay feature or through the Tenant App. 
Quality financial reporting
Gain real-time insights into all areas of the business. Re-Leased has insightful month-on-month performance reporting and common sense task tracking for any compliance and lease events.
A Grade enterprise security

We are ISO 27001 Certified and have a full-time cyber security team to keep your data secure. Get an audit trail of all transactions and history. 

NG Chartered Surveyors Invest In Re-Leased
Whilst the property management software we were formerly using was widely adopted across the surveying industry, we felt that it wasn’t good enough for the level of service we wanted to offer. We have invested in Re-Leased which we believe is the ‘Blue Riband’ of property management software.
James McArthur
NG Chartered Surveyors Director Head of Management

Make Your Property Accountants Happy

Top Client Accounting Features

Simplified payment runs

Pay bills on behalf of your clients with ease. Ensure details are correct by running draft owner statements prior to a payment run. Automatically calculate how much to pay clients while ensuring you have enough money to pay outstanding bills or fees.

Set-and-forget Invoicing

Experience set-and-forget process automation, such as auto-generating and auto-sending tenant invoices. Sending invoices automatically eliminates excuses for late tenant payments, especially when sent in advance.

Smart accounts payable process

Automatic fees, percentage and flat rates can be set against clients, properties or leases. Recurring expenses can be generated and sent automatically or upon approval. Even if expenses fluctuate, invoices will be there for you to amend and send.

Quick bank reconciliation

Reconciliation is quick and easy with Re-Leased. Simply import your bank transactions and our auto-match algorithm will allow you to reconcile with one click. We support Barclays, Coutts & Co, HSBC, Metro Bank, NatWest, RBS, Lloyds Bank, Handelsbanken and Santander.

BACS file bank export

With Re-Leased, you can record creditor/customer reference numbers when you are processing bills. When these are paid, you can export a transaction file to pay multiple bills via BACS. We support Barclays, Coutts & Co, HSBC, Metro Bank, NatWest, RBS, Lloyds Bank, Handelsbanken and Santander.


Close of period made easy

Automate your close of period with Re-Leased. We run all of your compliance reports in the background and store them in Re-Leased, available for auditing any time. There’s no lock-out period and no complicated roll over process.

Powerful property reporting

Drill down into the current status of tasks, across the team or individually. Gain insights into the performance of a tenancy, property, company or property manager with our advanced KPI reports and powerful analytics.

And your Clients Happier

How Re-Leased helps you tick off your to-do list

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