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How Stafford Barrett is modernizing their business to better serve their customers



Elianor Vessali

Director of Property Management

Stafford Barrett Commercial Brokerage is a comprehensive Commercial Real Estate company based in College Station, Texas. With a dynamic team of real estate experts with backgrounds in sales, construction, and marketing, their focus is on providing the highest level of service to their clients through individualized strategies that will expand their portfolios. 

Elianor Vessali, Director of Property Management, sat down with us to discuss how implementing Re-Leased has helped her ensure that her clients are getting the best service possible. 

Taking commercial real estate into the modern era

Elianor grew up in the real estate industry with her father having been a broker for 30+ years. She decided she wanted to break into the market and joined a team that was looking to the future of commercial real estate through incorporating marketing and other new-age tactics to help their customers expand their commercial portfolio. 

She joined Stafford Barrett and knew in order for them to grow their business, they needed to implement a property management platform so they could best serve their customers and the community.

The QBO integration was just another check box that this solution was a fit for us. Not only could we continue to use QBO with our customers and accountants, but having the systems integrate also saved us steps of jumping between multiple systems.


Best in class property management at your fingertips

When Elianor joined, Stafford Barrett was operating out of a few different systems at the time. She knew to grow, they needed to streamline their operations so they could avoid double entry and room for human errors. 

She began her search for an all-in-one solution that would be easy to learn and adopt across the business long term. Moving to a new system can cause concern across teams but when she began to investigate Re-Leased, she quickly came across our integration with QuickBooks Online. The integration meant not only would they not need to change accounting systems, but they would also eliminate the need for data entry. It also took the pressure off the accounting team when monthly invoices rolled around.

On the property management side, we can see what invoices are generated and be the second set of eyes to say if the invoice is correct or not. We are more in tuned with the variations of every lease and tenant so it’s been helpful for our team to focus on the strict accounting side instead of tracking the details that the property managers are responsible for.

It definitely saves on admin time. Once you have it set up, it saves time on just thinking alone. It goes through all the mental steps you normally take in your internal process and the software backs it up and provides that support for you.


Significantly reduced admin time across the board 

Once Elianor implemented Re-Leased, she was able to regain time in her day to focus on non-administrative tasks.Through using the dashboard, Elianor can keep her eye on the ball and best serve the property owners by making sure their tenants are happy and taken care of.

The key to property management is to be able to handle all these pieces that you are juggling at the same time. I come into the office and log in and the calendar dashboard is key. It has the reminders, the maintenance, etc., otherwise, that’s the hard part. Trying to keep track of every moving piece and making sure your customers are served with nothing slipping through the cracks is so important for the business.


Streamlining operations to increase efficiency

Through implementing Re-Leased, Elianor has streamlined operations across Stafford Barrett so they can look to the future. When we asked Elianor about her favorite feature, she provided the following: 

For me, it is the dashboard. I constantly juggle several calendars and Re-Leased gives me a centralized location to access the information I need.

She continued: "Specifically, I like diving into the lease view where you can go into the property and see a snapshot with all the details including time remaining and any other key information you need in regards to that property to avoid missing any critical dates.”

As far as what the next 5 years look like for Stafford Barrett, they have set aggressive growth goals they anticipate hitting so that they can become a one-stop shop for owners. 

"Ideally you pick up a client and help them acquire a property. You then assist them with management of the property, adding value so that they can then transition into the next level of investment."


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