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How Goodman Mann Broomhall pair exceptional personal service and technology to set themselves apart

Oliver Korn
Partner, Goodman Mann Broomhall

Oliver Korn has been a Partner at Goodman Mann Broomhall, the Chartered Surveyors practice, for over 14 years. Oliver sat down with the Re-Leased team to talk about how Goodman Mann Broomhall are pairing best-in-class personal service with Re-Leased’s best-in-class technology to meet the changing expectations of clients and tenants.

How have you seen the introduction of technology, change the way real estate is managed today?

The expectation of clients and tenants has changed – there is greater demand on the amount of information required and the speed at which it’s provided. As in our normal lives we want everything delivered yesterday; this has filtered through into the property industry as more clear concise information needs to be easily accessible and modern technology is the basis for providing this.

What challenges or needs did you face that led you to look for a solution?

Accountability has always been important for us, and as we are seeing growth in our business this is continuing to be a key part of our management. We wanted better access to information across different levels of the company and to take data driven actions from that information effectively. This was very important to me.

And when exploring systems, it was evident that we wanted new technology, not just an updated version of a server-based platform.

Re-Leased offered a completely new platform that isn’t held back by outdated functionality and over complexity.


Why is technology important for GMB and your team moving forward?

We are very proud of our offering of best-in-class service and from a personnel point of view, I feel we certainly deliver that. It’s important for us to balance that best-in-class service from a technology standpoint also. I was always striving for our team to have an app for our live property information, that would bring together best-in-class personnel with the technology element.

Why Re-Leased?

When looking for technology, lots of companies said they had updated their systems to meet the modern cloud requirements but in reality, they had simply updated an old system with a new front. Re-Leased offered a completely new platform that isn’t held back by outdated functionality and over complexity.

The design and layout of the system is great, paired with its user friendly, intuitive functionality. What we saw was a platform with complex and comprehensive functionality, made simple to use.

How did you see Re-Leased fitting into your plans?

We're growing as a company and accountability can be harder to track as you grow. With suitable systems in place, it is allowing us to gain efficiency and accountability day by day, and reallocate our time to high value functions at GMB.



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