How ActivityPlex used Re-Leased to scale its business


Toronto-based ActivityPlex provides one-stop-shop facilities for families under one roof - including extracurricular activities for kids, from karate to dance, right through to activities and space for adults to enjoy.



Severina Lutaj of ActivityPlex says the company wanted to make the process of coordinating after-school activities easier and more enjoyable for both parents and kids.

After seeing an opportunity to grow the business, Severina says the team discussed the need to find a cloud-based property management tool which would remove the complexities of managing tenants across multiple sites. 

“Everything we were doing was very manual which was time consuming and not where we wanted to focus our efforts,” she says. 

ActivityPlex was introduced to Re-Leased by its trusted accountancy partners, and after investigating they decided to make the jump. 



We really liked thatRe-Leasedwas capable of fully integrating with Xero accounting software, and that all our information is pulled in from different sources and available in one place for our stakeholders - from property managers to investors to accountants. Using Re-Leased we now have access to the most accurate information and can easily share reports.

We were initially a bit worried about the implementation process, but Re-Leased made the process very easy, and working with the team was a pleasure.


The tenant profiles are a key way for us to manage our tenants across multiple properties, and the calendar dashboard is a game-changer when it comes to managing our operations. It means we’ll never miss key dates, rent escalations or opportunities to renew with our tenants.



Severina says property management companies based in Canada have historically been low-tech environments, but there is an increasing interest in exploring ways to make processes more efficient and accurate. 

We no longer have to spend all of our time on manual tasks and can focus on making good business decisions. It’s a lot more strategic and growth orientated.


We were initially a bit worried about the implementation process, but Re-Leased made the process very easy, and working with the team was a pleasure. The ongoing support services have been great too.



One of the best advantages of using the platform according to Severina is that daily tasks are automated and the team can spend time doing more of what they want to be doing - making strategic decisions and growing the business. 


We’re hugely excited by the opportunity to create more ActivityPlex centres for Canadian families.


 As for whether or not ActivityPlex would recommend Re-Leased? Severina says, “If you’re looking for a cloud-based solution, Re-Leased should definitely be at the top of your list. The platform is everything you need to grow your property management business.” 

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