Boundary International

We love hearing about how Re-Leased is changing the way our users manage property. Boundary International is boutique commercial building established in 2000 as centre of creativity in Rushcutters Bay. They recently switched from MYOB to cloud-based accounting product Xero, providing them with an added bonus – the chance to implement Re-Leased.


“We jumped at the chance to move to Xero once it got Taxation Office approval in Australia. Happily, we were also able to implement Re-Leased as part of our switch to a completely cloud-based business management infrastructure,” says Maria Brambilla, Financial and Administrative Manager for the Sydney-based company.

Automatic generation of invoices, visibility of which tenants are up to date with rental payments and which may have fallen behind are all factors that are helping Boundary International streamline their operations and identify issues before they become major problems.

Learn more about how Re-Leased is helping Boundary International grow here.



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