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Commercial real estate portfolio analysis

Elevate insights for full business confidence.

Analyse portfolio performance then take action – in one place with Re-Leased Insights.


Portfolio management, your way, made easy.

Businesses have vast amounts of data, in multiple locations, but struggle to surface it effectively. This buries information that could be critical to the performance of your business.

Insights by Re-Leased acts as the brain of the platform, connecting your data and analysing your portfolio through easily digestible dashboards.

Reduce the risks to your business

Get an overall view of operational activities to see where you can drive more effective ways of working. Have a full view of any potential risks, such as tenants that are in arrears, cash flow issues and more.

Move from reactive to proactive

Understand where you’re performing best and replicate that across your portfolio. See which assets are delivering your highest yield and value to ensure your property portfolio continues to appreciate.

Impress stakeholders

Establish business confidence with accurate data and reporting for clients, board or lenders. Move from a responder to an advisor and deliver better experiences based on portfolio data.

Surface vital information on demand.

  • Accessible data at your fingertips. No more last-minute data gathering stress. Get the arrears report before the finance meeting or the lease management overview before your catch up with the asset management team. Simply set up filtered or unfiltered exports of a dashboard to hit your desired inbox on a regular basis.

  • Set strategic performance alerts. Set conditional parameters on specific tiles to alert executives and relevant team members. For instance, if the arrears amount for high-risk tenants is increasing, set a threshold on the tile to trigger a notification.

Make informed decisions,
take the best actions.

For today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth



Key metrics, one click, one system. 

The operational summary is your command
centre that gives you easy access to
summarised information. 

  • See at a glance key operational insights from your business, such as rent, arrears, leases and more
  • Review Re-Leased Pay with a quick view dashboard




Pulse check to stay
on top of the game. 

Operational Insights makes risks visible, so
that teams stay focused on what matters. 

  • Increasing income from your portfolio by getting ahead of upcoming lease events
  • Managing tenants to ensure they’re paying their amounts due on time
  • Keeping properties insured, maintained and complying with local regulations


Intel to get ahead of
the pack.

Strategic Insights gives you a competitive edge to take advantage of opportunities.

  • Maximise revenue by efficiently allocating capital towards the most suitable assets and retaining high-quality tenants
  • Prove changes in value by reporting yield, market rent and capital valuations
  • Invest in building sustainability to contribute to better outcomes for people, property and the planet
Trusted by commercial real estate businesses worldwide

You’re in good company

mcintyre-property consultants
Being able to provide a high-quality analytics pack with a verified percentage of rent collection shown over a period of time is very compelling when providing updates to both clients and lenders. Particularly when it can be provided at short notice with absolute confidence that we have the correct data.
Stephen McIntyre
McIntyre Property Consultants