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Quick Overview

Empower Landlords with live portfolio data and analytics at their fingertips.

Our goal at Re-Leased is to provide game-changing property experiences that empowers users with state of the art property management software and mobile app innovation.

Our new Landlord App is delivering owners and investors total oversight on how portfolios are tracking on demand. The app brings together all of the landlord's tenants, portfolio-wide, and displays valuable tenant insights to better monitor performance and operations.


Landlord App

Deliver Value to Your Clients with the Landlord Mobile App and White-labelled Portal.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, differentiation is key for property managers and agents. Re-Leased can give that competitive advantage, with value-add products, as well as helping you deliver great landlord experiences.

Landlord Mobile App

Give your landlords total portfolio oversight on the go - so they can boost efficiencies and identify revenue growth opportunities.


White-labelled to your business, this webportal gives your landlords unrivalled insight into the performance of their business, with easy to digest owner reports, statement options, and extensive year-end financial reporting. From your Re-Leased platform you can be assured that automatically the correct information is synced to the webportal as well as the app, giving you control.

Property Manager App


One App for Portfolio and Property Performance

Insights on Demand

With one tap the landlord can access their property and financial data, such as real-time cash flow and occupancy. Landlords can make informed decisions with the information at hand, so they can boost efficiencies and identify revenue growth opportunities.

Oversight and Clarity

Landlords can analyse their business on a day to day basis - with real-time data for visibility and decisive decision making. They can monitor arrears by portfolio, property or by tenant, and make sure that rent, maintenance, income and expenses are on track.

Never Miss Critical Events

In the property game, mistakes are costly so risk reduction is a must. Re-Leased makes sure important events and dates are never missed, however, landlords can view upcoming, overdue and completed key events such as rent reviews, lease expiries and renewals.

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