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Practical Guide to AI for Commercial Real Estate.

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Welcome to Re-Leased's Practical Guide to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Commercial Real Estate (CRE). This guide is designed to arm you with the essential knowledge and tools you need to unlock the transformative power of AI within the CRE sector and across your organisation

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Our 6-Part Practical AI Guide

Unlock the future of commercial property management, delivered directly to your inbox.

Over 6 days, immerse yourself in the concepts and tools to optimise your operations, enhance tenant satisfaction, and skyrocket your whole teams' efficiency.

Get up to speed in under 5 minutes a day, even if you’ve never used AI before. Walk away with access to our AI Prompt library specific to CRE as well.

What We Hear About AI In Commercial Real Estate


The benefits seem
hard to understand


We have concerns around change management in teams



losing control
day to day


Data is ending up in a 3rd Party system

Get familiar with the opportunity ahead

Part 1

AI in CRE Today

Lets start at the early beginnings of AI in CRE and its evolution over the years to where we are today

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Part 2

3 AI Personalities

AI can be used in so many ways but we want to give you a framework to identify opportunities in your daily work

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Part 3

Maximising AI Adoption

It's easy to see the benefits of AI but harder to realise them in your business. Lets set your team up for success

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Part 4

High Impact Areas in CRE

Where will AI produce the most opportunities? We have a few ideas.

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Part 5

Mitigating The Risks of AI

Let's understand how we can de-risk the use of AI in your business.

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Part 6

The CRE AI Prompt Library

Take away these AI prompts so that you can utilize your AI tools with confidence

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