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Invoice Intelligence with Re-Leased

Invoice processing stealing your time?

Get invoices processed automatically to save time and money.


Goodbye manual data entry. Hello Invoice Intelligence

Upload your invoices to Re-Leased
Invoices are fingerprinted and processed
Review for approval

Fast and accurate invoice processing 

If your team is spending too much time processing invoices from tradespeople or suppliers, there is a better way. 

With Invoice Intelligence, you upload invoices to Re-Leased and that data is captured without any manual entry.

Once uploaded, all you have to do is review and approve the data, cutting your work by 90%.

What did take me 2-3 minutes is now taking me 20 seconds. Times that by 50 invoices and it's easy to see the ROI on time saved." 

Daniel Brick, De Groot Property


Invoice Intelligence Fingerprinting

Focus on the big picture, we'll handle the small stuff  

Bulk upload any file format directly into Re-Leased and it will automatically begin processing. While invoices are being processed, you can direct your time to more important tasks or bigger business goals. 

Invoice Intelligence Upload all


Process invoices away from your desk

You don't have to be tied to your desk to process invoices. Use your unique email to send invoices into Re-Leased and have them processed automatically, even when you're away from your desk. 

Invoice Intelligence processing
All I have to do is upload the invoice, select the company and property and then approve. That's it. It's all done. To do that invoice previously manually typing data would have taken me 2-3 minutes. Now, I am taking 20 seconds. If I have 50 invoices to do and I'm saving a few minutes on each, it's easy to see the ROI on time saved.
Daniel Brick
Director, De Groot Property