Commercial real estate portfolio analysis

Analyse portfolio performance then take action – in one place.

Maximize value, mitigate risk and optimise efficiency with CREDIA.


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Turn opportunities into outcomes immediately

CREDIA is a property portfolio analytics platform built for commercial real estate. It sits on top of your operational system, such as Re-Leased, connects your data and acts as the lens into your portfolio performance and operations. Get insights on how to improve your strategy and processes and take action – in one place. 

Move away from looking at insights a month out of date and bring key decisions to the forefront of your work immediately. 

Maximize Value

Understand where you’re performing best and replicate that across your portfolio. See what assets and offerings are delivering the highest yield and appreciating your portfolio’s value.  

  • Exceed market rent
  • Win instructions
  • Increase portfolio valuation 

Mitigate Risk  

Re-Leased is your central hub for your operations with all your lease events, invoicing, accounts, property and tenant information.  

CREDIA sits on top of that and gives you the full view of any potential risks, such as tenant types that are in arrears, cashflow issues and more.

  • Dilute revenue risk 
  • Reduce arrears exposure 
  • Stabilize distressed assets

Optimise Efficiency

Get an overall view of operational activities to see where you can drive more effective ways of working. See where lease events, maintenance and compliance tasks are falling across your portfolio and spread these out, so your team isn’t stretched thin.  

  • Improve vertical alignment
  • Monitor operational process effectiveness
  • Intelligently redistribute workload

CREDIA is built for:


Investors, Landlords & Owners  

Accurate, on-demand insights to identify risks and opportunities, diagnose causes, then execute your portfolio strategy. 



Property Management Companies

Move from a responder to an advisor and deliver better client experiences based on portfolio data. 


Asset Managers  

Get easy access to portfolio information with the ability to drill down into the details.  

Make informed decisions, take the best actions

Businesses are sitting on a mountain of data, in multiple locations, but can’t surface it effectively. This buries information that could be critical to the performance of your business.

Use CREDIA to proactively identify opportunity or risk and diagnose the underlying impact by putting a spotlight on what's actually happening.

Then, drill down into your core property management platform, Re-Leased, and take action at the property, lease, tenant and accounts level.

This creates complete vertical alignment in your business. And complete visibility. 

  • Identify data, processes, areas of the business that demonstrate risk, opportunity to add value, or opportunity to increase efficiency in CREDIA. 
  • Diagnose the why behind what’s been identified. 
  • Execute a plan to mitigate risk, maximise value, and optimise efficiency in Re-Leased. 
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