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We are trusted by hundreds of customers to provide top-level security, data privacy, and system performance.

Every product design decision we make is guided by the north stars of great security, data privacy, and system performance and we continue to make substantial investments in these areas to ensure our solutions are gold-standard. 


The Gold Standard of Security


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A global platform that is secure by design

Verify your team with two-factor authentication

Protect access to your Re-Leased account by requiring a time-based passcode. Re-Leased supports both smartphone-based (TOTP) authenticators as well as enterprise-grade physical authenticators such as YubiKeys, Fingerprint readers, Windows Hello, Touch ID, Face ID, and any other authenticator which supports the WebAuthn standard. 

Extra level of security with two-step authentication
Access to data requires a unique code generated by an app on your smartphone
Supports modern biometric and physical keys
Easy to implement and user-friendly

Integrate Re-Leased into your business with single sign-on

Teams can sign in to the Re-Leased platform with an identity provider (IDP) of your choice with our single sign-on functionality.

Re-Leased supports SAML-based single sign-on (SSO). Contact our sales team for more information. 


Enterprise grade identity integration


Automate user provisioning


Enforce your own authentication workflows


Centralize User Access Control

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Restrict access with Role-Based Access Control

Users added to your Re-Leased account can be given access to everything or you can restrict their access to certain features, sensitive data, or actions. Use our built-in roles or create your own roles to suit your business.


Control who can access your data. Re-Leased puts the power in your hands


Custom user roles set different levels of access. No one gets into your system unless you invite them in


Improve collaboration and efficiency across teams


Give administrators increased visibility

Role-BasedAccessControl (1)

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Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure



Re-Leased services are designed with a secure, distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection. As certified Microsoft Gold Partners, Re-Leased leverages the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform to host our application and databases.



Re-Leased leverages multiple monitoring solutions, aimed at detecting any issues with availability, security or performance as quickly as possible. Our monitoring infrastructure alerts the appropriate personnel, who can then investigate any issues and take appropriate action.



Re-Leased design our solution to provide “Defence in Depth,” reducing the risk that failure of any one security mechanism will compromise the security of the entire environment. The Defence in Depth layers include Filtering Routers, Firewalls, Cryptographic Protection of Messages, Software Security Patch Management, Monitoring, and Network Segmentation.

Redundancy & Disaster Recovery


Re-Leased replicates multiple redundant copies of our data to multiple physical locations in real-time to maintain data availability and business continuity. In the case of a hardware failure, we leverage the Microsoft Azure platforms automatic failover to optimise availability.

Data Sovereignty


We will store and process your data only within a region appropriate to you and your local data sovereignty rules. In practical terms this means we will only replicate your data (for backup and redundancy purposes) within another data center of the same region.

Database Backups


Re-Leased leverages managed Azure SQL Server technology to automatically create full encrypted backups every week, differential backups every 12-24 hours, and transaction log backups every 5 to 10 minutes. Our database backups are validated for integrity nightly.

GDPR Compliance


While there is no 3rd-party verified certification for GDPR compliance, Re-Leased is committed to acting in accordance with the GDPR regulations for all of our users - not just those in the EU. We are partnering with our customers to ensure the privacy and security of their and their customer’s data, and have implemented a number of data acquisition, access, and retention policy changes.



All data hosted by Re-Leased is encrypted. Re-Leased uses industry-standard encryption products to protect data at rest, with 256 bit AES encryption. All data transfers within our data centers are secured by SSL. All of the Customer Data collected by Re-Leased is transmitted over enforced SSL. We enforce a minimum of TLS 1.2.

More information?


You can read through our Security, Data Privacy and Service Level terms here:

We've got you covered

As cloud native software - backups and restores are managed automatically for you as outlined above. However some users may wish to download and locally store things such as Close of Period compliance reports in PDF format. Or export our reports to CSV format. The information in these reports provide sufficient details to transfer financial balances to another system. The reports also provide sufficient information for detailed audit requirements.

Most effects of theft of any client hardware are mitigated by the fact that the software and data are not stored on any local hardware. In cases where a thief might attempt to access a client’s online data via their stolen hardware, we have robust security measures and policies in place to mitigate that risk such as 2 factor authentication.

As a cloud based system there is no hardware for the user to maintain.

There is no need to restore from a previous backup in our system. Correcting an error by removing or amending the record can be against compliance regulations. Instead our system provides easy ways to reverse errors leaving a clear audit record of what was transacted and what was done to correct the transaction error.

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We are trusted by hundreds of customers to provide top-level security, data privacy, and system performance. Book a demo to find out more.