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Invoice Scams Impacting the Property Industry

Phil Gale 20 November 2022

Invoice scams targeting businesses are rising sharply around the world for one simple unfortunate reason - they often work. And it's no surprise that property companies and commercial tenants are
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Property Management

Your Property Portfolio Data Is Now Even More Secure with ISO 27001

Phil Gale 10 November 2021

Re-Leased has become an important part of how property businesses run all over the world, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Earlier this year we decided it was time to formalise that
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Tips and Trends

The Risks of Using Spreadsheets vs Managed Services

Phil Gale 06 August 2021

Whether an organisation is large or small, spreadsheets are often an overlooked risk by many people. Flexibility, ease of use, and transferability are a few of the advantages of electronic
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