Take Your Portfolio to the Next Level with Property Intelligence.

For property managers, owners and investors to gain clear insights and discover business opportunities.

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Discover Insights and Opportunities in your Data

Identify New Business Opportunities

Gain insights into the performance of a tenancy, property, company or property manager with our advanced KPI reports.

Access Client & Company Data On Demand

Live reporting lets you drill-down into the current status of tasks, either across the team or individually.

Integrate Your Apps to Form Business Clarity

Integrate Re-Leased with apps like Xero. Our seamless integration lets you reconcile your rental receipts and expenses instantly.

Start Visualising Your Property Data

Re-Leased gives you a complete oversight of critical events and enables you to export data for further analysis. Keep your banking, bills, and invoices on track.


Work anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Cloud-based Re-Leased means you can access your property data from any device and work on the go and pay only for what you are using. 

Create an accurate picture of your finances

Present insights on demand with access to over 60 different reports. Including performance reports and status reports to truly have an accurate view of your financial data so you can plan ahead.

Quality financial reporting

From tenancy, property and portfolio reports to team performance reports, monitor how your business is running in a few clicks – export real-time data directly to Excel or PDF format. 

Automated Property Accounting

Analytics on the Move.

Landlord Mobile App

Landlords can have total portfolio oversight on demand. They can view real-time cash flow and occupancy graphs and monitor arrears by portfolio, property or by tenant - all on the go.

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Tenant Mobile App

Provide your tenants full visibility of their lease on Android or iPhone – including the ability to log maintenance issues, view payment history / arrears and more.

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We seamlessly integrate with multiple software partners to automatically share data
and greatly reduce time-consuming data entry between systems.

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