Introducing the Re-Leased Partner Program

Join leading accounting, business advisors and cloud services firms who are unlocking opportunities and attracting new clients with the Re-Leased Partner Program.

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Become a Re-Leased Partner 
and Empower your Clients

Showcase Cloud-based Business Innovation

Re-Leased helps the property management industry generate economies of scale by embracing cloud innovation. We strive to partner with those who are committed to driving meaningful relationships with their clients using a cloud-first approach.

Enhance your Advisory Offering

Offer expert advisory services with the support of the Re-Leased team. Become a Re-Leased champion and empower your clients to ready their business for scalable future success.

Unlock Opportunities and Attract New Clients

We are invested in helping our partners achieve greater success. Re-Leased Partners receive benefits, support and rewards which improve your relationship with your clients and attracts new clients to your business.

Create a Technology Advantage with Re-Leased

Our goal is to continually provide you and your clients with leading-edge and effective strategies to maximise business outcomes and property portfolios.

Empower Your Property Clients


The partner program is designed as low-touch, high-value. 

Increase your customer engagement. Support clients and portfolio growth with high-quality software to increase the efficiency of their business.

Efficient access to key financial information. Gain up-to-date portfolio data instantly for tax, reporting and governance.

Save time by 20-30%. Spend less time gathering information from your clients and more time adding value by helping them set budgets, plans, forecasts, and preparing for what’s ahead.

Promote digital innovation. Partnering with a leading property management solution is a great way to promote innovation to your Real Estate clients.

Partner Benefits Include: 

Partner Program Tailored to You

The Re-Leased Partner Program is designed with flexibility in mind. We understand that each business is different and therefore shape the program to suit your business needs and goals. Register your interest to become a partner to learn more.

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